Garden Flowers

Growing perennials, annuals, or vegetables?

We have soil blends, compost, and all natural manure!

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We have bulk mulch!

Buying mulch in bulk at KLR will save you both time and money! We offer ten varieties of mulch that are locally sourced and all natural.

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Growing Organic!

Kern has Organic Grower's Blend, all natural compost, and composted manure (antibiotic and hormone free) for growing awesome edibles, perennials, and annuals!

Honey Bee

Kern Bee Farm

The Kern family has been raising honeybees for over thirty years! Our bees help make some of the best local honey in town!

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Providing quality landscaping supplies and awesomeness for your home or business.


+++ If you are looking for snow removal please call Kern Lawn Service at (651) 207-5396. +++

Thank you for another great season. Not to be a total Grinch here…but we are now CLOSED because all of our product is frozen (booo)!

If you are a professional gardener or landscape contractor or an eager homeowner looking towards next season and have a question or need something please call (651) 646-1553 and leave a message. We’ll get right back to ya!

Kern Landscape Resources

Kern Landscape Resources is a locally owned and operated garden supply center located right in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota. KLR works closely with homeowners, weekend warriors, CSAs, community gardens, professional landscapers, and gardeners on their garden and patio projects. All of our products are sold in bulk and by the cubic yard. KLR offers:

  • Premium soil blends
  • Soil amendments
  • Ten varieties of mulch
  • Landscape rock and sand (NO boulders, flagstones, or patio blocks)

All Natural

KLR offers a full range of all natural gardening products that are used by the most respected organic gardening professionals and CSAs in the Twin Cities. If you are interested in growing organic plants, fruits, veggies, and herbs KLR will proudly put you on the path to edible awesomeness. Our all natural products include: 

  • Raised Garden Blend
  • Organic Grower’s Blend
  • Manure (cow manure that is antibiotic and hormone free)
  • Compost (vegetative and screened)


Buying mulch by the bag is so overrated. Buying mulch in bulk at KLR will:

  • Save you money
  • Save you time
  • Give you the exact amount of mulch that you need
  • Leave you with zero plastic bags

Grass Seed Projects

KLR sells everything you need for all grass seed and sod install jobs: We have

  • Premium JRK Grass Seed, a perennial grass seed that is blended specifically for our northern climate and soil and is simply the best.


We offer all the rock supplies you’ll need for your patio, wall, driveway, and parking pad projects. (Note: We do NOT sell bagged rock, boulders, flagstones, or blocks) We have:

  • Class 5
  • Buff crushed limestone (3/4″ and 1 1/2″)
  • Pea Gravel
  • River rock (3/4″ and 1 1/2″)

Yard Waste Disposal

Kern is proud to accept yard waste and environmentally process it at a competitive price. We inspect all incoming loads and reserve the right to reject any loads. We recycle: 

  • Sod and Soil (must be free of large quantities of rock and sand. We do not accept fill dirt)
  • Brush, branches, log, and stumps
  • Loose leaves, lawn clippings, and garden waste

Disposal Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm and Saturday 9 am to 2 pm

If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 651.646.1553