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How much do I need? 

STEP ONECalculate the square footage of the project area (square footage = length in feet x width in feet)

*If you have more than one area just add up the total square footage for all the areas.

STEP TWODecide depth of product.

  • Mulch (2 inch to 3 inch)

  • Soil and Soil Amendments (site and job specific)

  • Rock (Patio 3 inch to 6 inch/Driveway 6 inch to 12 inch)

STEP THREEDivide square footage by desired depth of product.

  • 1 inch depth: square footage ÷ 325 = cubic yards

  • 2 inch depth: square footage ÷ 162 = cubic yards

  • 3 inch depth: square footage ÷ 108 = cubic yards

  • 4 inch depth: square footage÷ 81 = cubic yards

  • 5 inch depth: square footage÷ 65 = cubic yards

  • 6 inch depth: square footage ÷ 54 = cubic yards

  • 8 inch depth: square footage ÷40 = cubic yards

  • 12 inch depth: square footage ÷ 27 = cubic yards

(Hate doing math? Please call (651) 646-1553 for assistance!)

STEP FOUR: Purchase Product

  • The total cubic yards needed for your project will ultimately determine how you purchase and receive the product.

  • We offer delivery, pick it up yourself, or bag it yourself.

Three easy ways to buy our product:

1.) Delivery

We deliver to the entire Twin Cities area for a marginal charge. Please visit the DELIVERY section for more information.

Delivery Photo

Peter Kern in the trusty Kern delivery truck!   


2.) Pick It Up

Come into Kern Landscape Resources with an open aired truck or trailer and pick it up yourself! An average full size pick-up truck can approximately carry:

  • Mulch (two yards)

  • Soil (three-fourths yard to one yard)

  • Rock (half yard to one yard)

Pick Up photo

Bobcat in action loading up some soil!

3.) Bag It Yourself

If you need a small amount of mulch or soil Kern Landscape Resources offers our KLR Bag!

  • The KLR Bag is a three cubic foot bag that you fill yourself!

  • We supply the bag, funnel, shovel, and zip tie to close the bag! You provide the sweat.


Haley fills her KLR bags of Western Red Cedar!