We deliver to the entire Twin Cities Metro area and beyond at a marginal cost that will save you time and money. Please call for availability. (651) 646-1553

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the delivery charge?

Our delivery charge is based on zip code and distance from our store. Kern Landscape Resources is located in the heart of St. Paul near The Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Our most popular zip codes and delivery prices (prices subject to change):

  • St. Paul, MN 55104    $68.00

  • St. Paul, MN 55105    $70.00

  • Roseville, MN 55113   $77.00

  • Mpls, MN 55406         $79.00

  • Mpls, MN 55407          $82.00

How much do I need? 

STEP ONECalculate your square footage of area (square footage. = length in feet x width in feet)

*If you have more than one area just add up the total square footage.

STEP TWODecide depth of product.

  • Mulch (2 inch – 3 inch)

  • Soil and Soil Amendments (site and job specific)

  • Rock (Patio 3 inch – 6 inch/Driveway 6 inch – 12 inch)

STEP THREEDivide SQ Footage by appropriate depth.

  • 1 inch depth: square footage ÷ 325 = Cubic Yards

  • 2 inch depth: square footage ÷ 162 = Cubic Yards

  • 3 inch depth: square footage ÷ 108 = Cubic Yards

  • 4 inch depth: square footage ÷ 81 = Cubic Yards

  • 5 inch depth: square footage ÷ 65 = Cubic Yards

  • 6 inch depth: square footage ÷ 54 = Cubic Yards

  • 8 inch depth: square footage ÷ 40 = Cubic Yards

  • 12 inch depth: square footage ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards

Hate doing math? Please call (651) 646-1553 for assistance!

When can I get it delivered?

We make deliveries during business hours Monday through Saturday:

  • Deliveries are done by the day NOT by the time. (This keeps your costs down!)

  • We need 24 hour notice for delivery. (Three yards of soil isn’t as easy as delivering a pizza. Just saying.)

  • If you need product delivered by a specific time we advise having it delivered a day before.

  • You do NOT need to be home for the delivery.

Where will the product be delivered?

Every delivery site is unique. We can place deliveries on one of these four locations:

  • Driveway (right or left/top or bottom)

  • Boulevard

  • Street

  • Parking Pad

Can the Kern delivery truck drive on grass?

Nope. The Kern delivery trucks will not leave solid surface.

Do I need to be home?

You do not need to be home. (Unless you want to see our delivery guy back that thang up.)

How much can I get delivered at a time?

It’s all about weight. We can hold up to:

  • 20 yards of mulch

  • 8 yards of soil

  • 4.5 yards of rock.

Can I get two things delivered at once?

Sure thing. But it all depends on size of order and total weight of product.

  • There is a split load fee of $36 

  • We physically separate the loads with a series of tarps to secure that loads remain clean.

 What are my options besides delivery?

If a product delivery will not work, you can come to our retail site and pick it up yourself:

  • Bring an open aired truck or trailer and we’ll load it for free with the Bobcat

  • An average full size pick-up truck can approximately carry:

    • Mulch (two yards)

    • Soil (3/4 yard to one yard)

    • Rock (half yard to 3/4 yard)

  • Our Kern Drone Delivery program has been permanently suspended.